State Archival Service of Ukraine
    State Archives of Donetsk Oblast


Total Volume of Funds (01.01.2014)
  • 11069 funds, 1946457 collection items (1784-2013)
  • 20750 collection items of scientific and technical documentation (1935-1987)
  • 3159 collection items of film documents (1963-1982)
  • 16417 collection items of photo documents (1880-1999)
  • 1291 collection items of sound recordings (1954-1985)
  • 2490 collection items of video documents (1991-2012)

Guide book, handbooks, lists

Guide book "State Archives of Donetsk Oblast" (pdf-file - 10,2 Мb)
The guide contains information on the documents of the National Archival Fund of Ukraine, which are stored in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast.

Annotated inventory lists. Funds period up to 1917 (pdf-file - 1,3 Мb)
Handbook contains information about the structure and content of the documents before 1917, and information about the funds, destroyed during World War II (1941-1945).

Handbook "Аrchival Institutions of Donetsk Oblast"
Handbook contains information about archival institutions of Donetsk Oblast: archival departments of district state administrations, archival departments of city councils, labour archives of city and district councils. Review articles provide administrative information, information about the history of archival institutions, data on the volume, composition and content founds.

List of funds churches of Donetsk Oblast settlements, which are in storage in State Archives
      (metric records of birth, marriage, death)

The list of Revizki fairy-tales stored in Mariupol Local History Museum

Description of Archives Holdings

The Archives preserve documents of the end of 18 — beginning of 20 centuries, which represent political, social and economic situation of the modern territory of the Donetsk Region: Bakhmutskiy and Mariupol districts of Katerinoslavsk province, Slavonic district of the Kharkov province, south-eastern part of the Taganrog (Miuskiy) district of Don`s Army Region. The earliest archival documents are preserved in the funds of Nobiliary custody (1784), Slavonic gorodnichiy (sheriff), leader of the Slavonic district nobility, the 3rd charity region of Bakhmutskiy district churches.
There are an information on national composition and population migration, activity of country courts, industry and agriculture development, level of education and health protection in the funds of city ant country self-government (1868-1919).
The Novorosiyskiy society of coal, steel and rail production fund, and also funds of other joint-stock enterprises coal mines (1898-1919) contain data on devel-opment of coal, metallurgical, chemical, salt industry, penetration a foreign capital to Russia. Building of Mariupol port is represented in the fund of the Department of Mariupol port works (1905-1919).
An educational process issues and folk education level at the end of 19 — beginning of 20 century are represented in the funds of Educational institutions. The state of orthodox churches, church schools and other issues of religious cults establishments' activity is characterised by documents of the 3rd charity region of Bakhmutskiy district churches fund.
So-called Revizki fairy-tales of Mariupol citizens and Mariupol district settlements are preserved in the fund of Mariupol district treasury (1811-1858). There are also metrical churches books, confessions' information, chronicle of Bogoroditska church (1897-1926) of Dmytrivka village of the Taganrog district of Don's Army Region preserved there.
The period of preparation and conducting of October revolution is represented in the funds of Executive Committees of councils of workers', peasants' and soldiers' deputies, military and revolutionary committees.
Organisation and activity issues of workers' and peasants' militia and criminal search on the territory of the Donetsk Province are represented in the funds of province, country, district militia offices.
Executive Committees' documents of local councils show the process of social, economic and cultural development of the Region. Organisation of the land usage, creation of communes and agricultural artels, collectivisation of agriculture, work of machine and tractor stations and technical repair stations, State farms and collective farms, their technical equipment, liquidation of the kulaks is represented in the funds of councils, committees of poor peasants, establishments of agriculture.
There are documents on political prisoners rehabilitation, Ukrainization, making bread provisions, party Аcleanings, reconstruction and building of enterprises in the funds of party and komsomol organisations.
The period of Nazis occupation of the Donetsk Region is presented by the documents of district and rural courts, agricultural societies and labour exchanges.
The documents of institutions of culture, folk education, science, health protection, physical culture and sport can tell us about the cultural and educational work, guard of monuments of history and culture, illiteracy liquidation, fight against homelessness. Activity of religious Region institutions is represented in the funds of the Authorised by the Council of religious affairs.
Events of striking movement in Donbas in 90th of the 20 century are preserved in the fund of the Donetsk city miner' striking committee.
Public and Political movement in Donetsk Oblast in 90th of the 20 century is represented in the documents of political parties, public organisations and movements of the Donetsk Region (1989-2001).
There are preserved 34 personal funds, 19 collections of documents on the Donetsk Region history in the Archives.

Cine-, photo-, phono-, video documents

There are preserved cine- and video documents about building of new factories and mines, activity of writers, scientists, artists, great occasions in the oblasts' life; sound recordings of artists and pieces of music; photographs of houses, architectural monuments of oblasts' pre-revolution and modern period towns, portraits of notables.
Video documents are represented as copies of films Uzivka, Stalino and television recordings (1991-2012).

List of cinedocuments, which are kept in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
          [Posted 23.08.2013]

Library of State Archives

There are 15284 volumes of historical, regional and reference literature, 8453 copies of magazines, 4658 filings of newspapers, 1983 collection items of leaflets, maps, posters, drawings in the library of State Archives.
"Statute-books of the Russian Empire" (1842-1916), complete collection of legitimating of ruling Senate from the second half of 17 century are preserved in the library fund.

List of leaflets, which are kept in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
          [Posted 12.08.2013]

List of photo albums, which are kept in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
          [Posted 21.08.2013]

Digital copies of archival documents

The State Archives of Donetsk Oblast is constantly working to create digital copies archival documents by scanning the book scanner.

On 01.01.2014 there are digital copies of:
  • 3759 collection items of 302 funds up to 1917 ("Ф"),
    including 235 funds scanned completely (2886 collection items),
  • 660 collection items of 111 funds period after 1917 ("Р"),
  • 67 collection items of 17 funds of the former Archives of the Communist Party ("П"),
  • 370 newspaper files up to 1945 (all newspaper files of this period),
    including 19 newspaper files, those published by the occupation authorities in the period Nazi occupation of Donbass from October 1941 to September 1943,
  • 39 books from the library collection of the State Archives,
  • 32 photo albums,
  • 3592 photodocuments,
  • 1508 leaflets.

    List of funds up to 1917 ("Ф") with the number of collection items which have a digital copies
          [Posted 09.07.2013, update 06.08.2013]

    List of newspaper files up to 1945, which have a digital copies
          [Posted 30.07.2013]

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